Author Topic: I lost my uncle to covid  (Read 6 times)

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I lost my uncle to covid
« on: July 04, 2020, 11:15:37 PM »
Hi, my dear uncle had so  much to live for, he had heart failure symptoms which had to be controlled with medication but he still really loved life, he was interested in and appreciative of the people around him and was kind to us all. He was a positive person. However during lockdown he had to socially isolate and his heart symptoms got worse, to the point that there was no other option but to admit him to hospital.  They had to try and reduce the fluid in his body caused by his heart failure.  For some time the medication didn't work and we were at the point where if it didn't work within 24 to 48 hours there would be nothing else they could do.  Then, at the last minute, the drugs  started to work. We rejoiced, as he started to get better, that Sunday he was so bright, he phoned  us  all from hospital (no visitors were allowed) and we were so happy to see how well he was doing.  B4 he went into hospital he had tested negative for covid, so he was able to go  straight to a  ward without covid. A week later  he was tested again, still negative, then after another 7 days  he tested positive, so he'd caught it on the ward.  At first he was asymptomatic and they told us he would be coming home the next week, we were so happy, we  rushed to get everything ready for him, we were  told he'd be out within the next day or two, it  seemed so wonderful as his 90th birthday was due in another week or so, and he had so wanted to get to 90.  We planned  a socially distanced party for him, we  bought presents for him, then within a day or two everything seemed to change, the covid seemed to be taking  hold.  He got worse  and worse and then within another week it had killed  him, so he  died two  days ago. It seems so heartbreaking  and unfair.  Sorry to share such a sad story with you, but we are so upset, that his recovery was within his grasp, he could come home to us, and then things changed so suddenly. I won't  go into the way that  last week progressed, but we just  want him back,he  was  meant to be coming home, they'd sorted his problem out with his heart, he'd been so good during  lock down, it was  to  be a new start for him, his birthday, maybe a chance to get out and about a bit again, to  do the things he loved again, now that his heart was better, but then it was all over. It's not  fair, he didn't deserve that. and he didn't  make his 90th birthday, he  was short  by 5 days. He had some of cards open anyway, on his bedside table in hospital, wehope he  got  some pleasure from them. But he was such a lovely kind  uncle, this shouldn't have happened to him, i feel so angry upset and sad

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Re: I lost my uncle to covid
« Reply #1 on: Today at 12:44:00 PM »
So sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely uncle, JTC. Sending you an understanding hug.  :hug:  Your story reminds me a lot of what happened when my mum passed away two years ago. She went into hospital with a stroke and was getting better from that, but had to stop taking her heart medication as a result and died of the problem with her heart instead. She too loved life and was a lovely person and I was desperate to get her home again, but didn't manage to do that. She was 96.

I don't think it matters what the circumstances or age of the person are, you still feel robbed and are left angry and sad. These are all normal responses to such a terrible event and everyone here will recognise the feelings you describe. It is so hard to lose someone so dear to you and especially when they seemed to be getting better.

Covid is an awful disease and I am so sorry your uncle caught it. It is so unpredictable and so dangerous to anyone with another major condition. Your uncle still made it to a very good age, but I know, my own mum having been even older than that when she passed away, it is never something we are prepared for and we are never ready to lose them. We always want to get them home again. That was all I wanted at the time.

Your memories of your lovely uncle will always be in your heart and mind, so he will never really be gone from you, because you will always remember him. Try to be kind to yourself at this difficult time. We are here for as long as you need us.  :hearts: