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Title: Has anyone on here been to a spiritual church?
Post by: The Laird on June 22, 2019, 09:28:25 PM
I wrote quite a long post on this the other day and then removed it as i felt it was too much rambling one so will keep this much shorter.
Has anyone ever been to a spiritual church? I had a strange thing happen when i went into one and sat at the back out of sight or so i though, to cut a long story short the person doing the talking (not sure what they call them? medium?) said something that only myself could have known and said to me "she is keeping an eye on you and she's with Mum and Dorfy"  my wife's mum died in 2015, her sister in 2016 she had Down's Syndrome and she was called Dorothy or Dorfy as my wife liked to call her. No'one outside the family would know that....i am tempted to have a private meeting with the medium but one side of me would love it but the other side of me wonders if they told me anything bad how could i go on? I suppose i should just leave it as it is but i am again all the time lots of questions and no answers. I found a cassette tape from 1990 in a drawer and it was Ruth's when she went to  see a medium/fortune teller and its actually quite accurate some of the details she mentions again would be things only Ruth would have known about me in the band and her favourite song she asked us to play.....this was before we were married and she was already married and we basically didn't know each other at the time but 5 years later we were married and the song she loved was played at her funeral......and on her birthday this year i went to visit one of my old band mates and we did a few songs for her as a tribute and on the tape the woman mentioned someone dressed in black on a motorcycle and also musical but she would have to wait for a little longer to meet me. This was when she was married and didn't know i had a motorbike and dressed in black leather! it was either a very good guess or there is more to these mediums or whatever they call them. If anyone else has visited either a spiritual church or visited a palmreader or similar i would love to hear your views.....surely they can't all be lucky guesses?
Title: Re: Has anyone on here been to a spiritual church?
Post by: CarolineL on June 28, 2019, 08:37:22 AM
Hi, I lost my husband last year, we had been married for 32 yrs and our daughter has said that she would like to go to a spiritualist but I have put it off.       About 24 yrs ago I lost a close friend and my dad within a few months of each other and decided to go to a local church then that held spiritualist meetings.       The guy that spoke to me was very honest and gave me lots of information (without me speaking at all) that only my dad would have known. It really was a moving experience, I have visited again a few times after that and again out of a crowd of about 50 people I am picked and given a message either from my mum (who passed a year after my dad) or dad, which is why I am a little nervous going back now.                                                                                           I know my late husband will have some things to say and though that can be very comforting you need to prepare yourself, if you don't get a message it can be upsetting and if you do it can be moving. I do believe in the afterlife maybe that makes a difference. I suppose I will go again now its over a year since Darren passed, just building up the courage to go I suppose. Good luck which ever you decide and hope you find what your looking for, me, well I think I would just like to hear that he is at peace and still loves me as much as I love him xxxx
Title: Re: Has anyone on here been to a spiritual church?
Post by: Karena on June 28, 2019, 11:02:41 AM
Not a spritualist church but i have seen a couple of mediums -one was a private reading the other a group event - both times there were things that only my loved ones would have know. The cycnic in me wondered if she had been tipped off the first time, as the person who organised it knew my step daughter who was also there, but my stepdaughter didnt know about the other loved ones i had lost except that i had lost them certainly not the small details  and there was some things i never told anyone -that had happend since Keith died, like when i moved house the curtain rail fell off onto a friends head - no one else was there when it happened and the friend was from away soit didnt come from her.The second time there was no way she could have known - for example that Keith was left handed and the first stroke had affected his left arm so he had to try and learn to write right handed and that i had recently come across a sheet of paper with his attempts at his new signature on it - i never told anyone so that cant possibly have been a tip off.

I did also see one where the tip offs were blatantly obvious by the woman who organised it but that was a public event i wasnt involved with -at a club where the woman knew everyone apart from our group and we were completely avoided. I think thats rare though and most are genuine, so whatever you own beliefs
 are i do think they do have something most of us cant tap into.

I have not heard anything bad,or anything about harps and angels  it is more about them as they were things that you will remember but not necesarilly  the major things,more funny incidents or habits they had, and the things they are doing now and things you have done since they left - its as though they have just stepped through the door -and are having a conversation  but where they are is very similar to here.  In my experience the medium doesnt go into a trance project voices and spout doom like you see on TV.Generally it is not the same as tarot where they are looking at your future, although some mediums do use the cards but not for the same purpose.
I think maybe Ruth saw a fortune teller who are more likely to tap into whatever mediums have, and then also make predictions about handsome strangers on motorbikes so not quite the same thing as a medium who is looking at the past and present. My experience of that was gypsy selling lucky heather who knocked on the door when my youngest daughter was screaming in her cot and the eldest having a tantrum in the kitchen - she told me i would have five lovely children 4 boys and a girl - i bought the heather to get rid but it obviousely wasnt true and anyway three more screaming brats wasnt something i was considering ever having.  :rofl: ironically though i do have five lovely grandchildren (lovely because you can send them home) - 4 boys and a girl, so maybe even she had something.

But more seriousely though, I also think if Ruth believed in them, then maybe trusting in her belief, and going to see one might be a good idea. :hug: 
Title: Re: Has anyone on here been to a spiritual church?
Post by: Emz2014 on June 29, 2019, 08:43:04 AM
I have been to see a few, and again like the others have said things have been said that noone else would know. 
In my experience they don't tell you anything bad. It feels more like reassurance xx
Title: Re: Has anyone on here been to a spiritual church?
Post by: The Laird on July 04, 2019, 10:01:41 PM
I am very tempted to go to another, I am glad they won't tell you anything bad as having anxiety make me worry even more. I lots of questions that i fear will never be answered about her death.....i have tried the hospital/doctors but they are no help probably to protect one of their own due to the neglect that occurred (she wasn't attended to when she arrived at A & E they lied she was actually left on a trolley for 30 minutes while they tried to find the locum who was found sat in his car having a fag......she was only 20ft from the nurses station but they were busy taking selfies and even practising dance steps while she lay dying (a decent nurse contacted me to tell me this) Every night i get flashbacks of that night so i get up and go for a walk so max of 3hrs sleep. I would love it if i banged my head and lost my memory of it....the thought of not being able to do anything to help for the rest of my days drives me mad. So I will do some research and make sure i find a genuine medium before i do anything else. Regarding the flashbacks if anyone has seen the movie called Ghost the character played by  Patrick Swayze he keeps getting zapped while trying to warn his wife? well my flashbacks are like that sort of shut my eyes and then FLASH and it does it for hours very weird feeling....i feel i am still in shock I guess its something that happens to everyone and i wouldn't wish it on anyone.
I will keep you posted on what happens next
Take care everyone x