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General Discussion / Life without my br💔ther
« Last post by esther e on August 11, 2022, 06:10:00 AM »
It's no life at all. I never thought I'd feel this way. I never thought my brother would be one of  the missing. I never thought my brother my only sibling would be gone forever in my life and that grief would be life long. I can't go back though I wish I could turn back the clock. The only place I can talk about my grief is online and in a support group I go to. No one else wants to hear of my grief, it's been  8 yrs. I wish my brother knew how much I miss him and life at times is not worth living. I never  thought I'd have this feeling that life is not worth living, but without my brother in my life and the remainder of my life will be very lonely.
Introduce Yourself To Us All / Missing my brother
« Last post by esther e on July 08, 2022, 06:41:29 AM »
I wished my brother knew how much he's being missed. My only sibling, how lonely life is now. How lonely life will be later. I never questioned life and do I matter thoughts in my mind until I loss my brother. I can be working and these thoughts just come in my mind, thoughts of s.i. My brother has been gone now 8 years, where did these years go. It's like grief with no where to go, silent grief. The years have passed and I'm nowhere closer to finding a reason. Questions remain unanswered. Wish I can turn back the clock.
Introduce Yourself To Us All / My lovely brother
« Last post by Moj85 on July 03, 2022, 03:24:11 PM »
Thank you for letting me join the group. Although I wish I wasn't here.
My darling big brother died on Thursday the 23rd of June at 6pm from terminal bowel cancer. He was 41 and had fought cancer for five long years. He left behind a wife and young son.
Part of me died with him, my childhood companion. My partner in crime, someone who I knew inside out and who knew me the same.
I was with him as he took his final breath and kissed his body goodbye. I am both traumatised and honoured to have been there at that moment.
I am paralysed by grief. I can barely move, I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Does this get easier? For now I feel like I have no reason to be happy again, even though I have a young family and a lovely husband. Why do I have those things and he is gone? It makes no sense.
Hopefully my ramblings make some sense, thanks for taking the time to have read it.
General Discussion / My brother's birthday today
« Last post by esther e on June 13, 2022, 01:43:35 PM »
Today would be my brother's birthday. He should be here, he'd probably be working and so would I. Later this evening would go to his favorite restaurant/thai food,he loved that place. We'd be singing happy birthday, he'd make some wishes and have some cake. But he's not here to do any of this,8 yrs of birthdays come and gone, in May was his 8 yr anniversary. Now, I take off of work,go to his restaurant, buy a cake, put a candle in it and make a  wish...
Introduce Yourself To Us All / Self currently bereaved by Loss of Partner.
« Last post by Andy73 on April 24, 2022, 04:34:17 PM »
I am Male 73yrs old retired/disabled

My Partner of 21yrs Passed Away Suddenly In Her Sleep on April 2nd.22days ago and I just canít get to grips with my Grief.

She was My Everything in a wonderful relationship we had together and Losing Her has me Destroyed inside and left alone,not eating, barely sleeping,I'm so Lost as I try to find a way forward,to accept the now situation.
Introduce Yourself To Us All / Re: I miss him.
« Last post by Sandra61 on April 23, 2022, 08:24:27 AM »
So sorry to hear about your husband. Please feel free to say whatever you need to here. No one will judge you and we are all here because we too have suffered a loss, and we do understand. Writing and talking always help, so do try to open up to someone about what you have been through, even if you only start by writing down what happened and how you felt about it all and how you feel now in a diary entry or a letter to your husband. No one need ever read it, but just the act of putting it all down on paper can reallly help. Talk to us here whenever you want too. Sending you a hug  :hug:
Please Post In This Bereavement Support Posting Room / Re: Grandad
« Last post by Sandra61 on April 23, 2022, 08:19:03 AM »
So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandad, Paula.
Losing someone you are close to always has a huge impact, but slowly the pain dulls a little as acceptance comes and then you gradually find the good memories resurface more easily. Be kind to yourself at this painful time and remember your grandad will want the best for you. He must have left you with very happy memories, so remember those are something you will never lose.
Sending you an understanding hug.  :hug:
Please Post In This Bereavement Support Posting Room / Re: Grandad
« Last post by Dave Administrator on April 22, 2022, 02:40:52 PM »
Hello Paula and welcome.

I'm so sorry such a sad loss has brought you here looking for some comforting words to maybe help ease your pain.

You must have been very close to him, and I'm sure he knew this and loved you back very much.

It's very early days for you right now, so everything is very vivid still in your memory of him, and this is what can spark you off at the least little thing remembering maybe one of those happy times you laughed and spent together.

Having run this site for over 20 years now Paula, I can only promise you that your pain will ease, and the days become much more bearable than they are now.

May i suggest you use this thread to open your heart out to unload all those hurty bits that can disturb your mind from a restful sleep. No one here ever judges one another, only listen silently with a sympathetic ear. Writing all those things down really does help I know for a fact.

So may I wish you great strength and courage in the days ahead Paula, and that your beloved grandad sends you his peace of spirit to help heal your broken heart.

Take care Dave.
Please Post In This Bereavement Support Posting Room / Grandad
« Last post by Paula kitchin on April 21, 2022, 09:40:28 PM »
Iím new to this site so fingers crossed Iím doing this right, my names Paula and I lost my grandad on the 13th of February, he was more than just an grandad he was like my best friend and I miss him so much 😢 I can honestly say I have not felt pain like it x
General Discussion / Re: 13 months post loss of Dad
« Last post by Pep on April 15, 2022, 10:55:20 PM »

Its tough losing your dad. I guess that you guys were close? You are doing the right thing seeing a counsellor.

So may i ask you you this? What does progress really mean?

I really dont want to make you more upset but its taken me 30 years to realise that i have to learn to live with bereavement. I have lost so much in my life and the thing that i struggle with are my lack of memories of loved ones i have lost.

Do you have family support?

I hope you are able to dig out some of those photos of you and your dad and remember the good times.

PM me at any time if you like. Although its good to post your feelings here on buk, sometimes its also good to chat to someone. Ive lost my dad too. It sucks.

I also have a low mood
I also cry (not alot, but i still do)
I see a councellor
I not sure if im better than yesterday. Or if i should be better tomorow. Losing my family has defined me. This is me now.


Take care
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