Author Topic: Do you believe in the afterlife?  (Read 34092 times)

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Re: Do you believe in the afterlife?
« Reply #90 on: August 25, 2021, 12:31:13 PM »
I'm not religious but have always believed there is a door that we go through.  I just needed the reassurance that there is something at the end.  My late husband however was an avid Aethiest and didn't believe.  Last year he was in hospital alone for 2 weeks due to Covid pandemic.  Just after going into hospital and beginning to recover he sent me a heartbreaking text telling me that he knew he would never be coming home to me. Until that moment he never realised how much I had done and how much of my life I had given up to look after him. He said he had spoken to his mother and grandmother.  They said they were waiting for him. He told me he was so scared.  He loved them so much and wanted to be with them, but he didn't want to leave me.  Unable to be with him and only text to communicate I was at a loss what to say.  I could only reassure him that I was alright and managing and that he would get through it and be 'home' soon.  I so wanted him to be pain free after 30 years of agonising pain.  He died 2 weeks later.  I felt guilty about wishing him gone, but it was genuinely selfless on my part, and knowing my husband, after hearing him admit he had that vision I believe it was proof that there is something. Although my heart is still breaking for my loss I am relieved he had his loved ones holding his hand.  One day I hope he will be the one holding his hands out to me.

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Re: Do you believe in the afterlife?
« Reply #91 on: August 25, 2021, 05:23:34 PM »

Oh, good Lord!  Your words would tear anybody in two, Barney! 

Two people, with one soul!   :candle:


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