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Live chat
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:09:38 AM »
I dont know whether all of you are aware, there is a live chat room connected too this site.It is a text based system so you dont need video etc. and although facebook has got the group and you can use messenger, facebook isnt for everyone, and no-one should be excluded from having the facility just because they dont have facebook.
It has been mentioned a couple of times recently that people go in and no-one is there - so it has been suggested you could pre arrange times for a chat here, which  is an excellent idea, so to keep it easy to find, i thought we could have a dedicated thread to do so.

So if you would like to give it a go, Just pop in, leave a note of the time you are going to be in there, or see what times others have posted, or make specific arrangements betwen you. It is entirely up to you - Generally it is most active in the evenings.

You can access it from the BUK home page or directly through the link below.

It asks for a user name, my personal feeling is it would be helpful to use the one you do here, so people already know something of your situation and you can talk comfortably  -also it isnt, yet another user name, you need to remember. But you dont have too of course.

The chat room is accesible from the home page so people not registered on the forum can go in there.
In the past, and it is rare so not something that should allow to put you off some-one has has come in who either deliberately upsets others or who is not who they claim to be.
Again i stress - IT IS RARE

As admins we are quite thinly spread so we cant always keep an eye on things there, like we can here so if you have suspicions or are upset by some-one  then dont hesitate to private message one of us and we will take a look when we open the message.

Same rules apply as here, everyone is grieving so treat each with the respect you do here.
As usual with any forum or socal media site, be careful about who you give details too and what information you give out, and if you do arrange to meet up in the real world,  either do so in a group or in a public place  i know it sounds obvious - its just the usual precautions you would take in everyday life, but as we know, grief can perhaps make us more vulnerable than we were.

All that aside, it can certainly fill some of those lonely evenings, so please give it a try - you will be welcomed there as you were here.


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