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The Movie: "Signs"

Started by Ian Haines, August 18, 2021, 03:58:00 AM

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Ian Haines

Lin (my last (late) "ex") and I never actually watched this, together.  We'd split up a long time before it.  But, I told her about which scenes made me burst into tears...and, they still do.  I feel that there is some mysterious link in this film between Lin, where she now is...and me.  My heart's top ten films looks nothing like my general top ten films list. 

There is something about that film that makes me feel more close to her than I usually feel.

That's not to say that I can explain it, because I can't.  As long as I know that it links me with her, I'll always hold it dear to me and I will never stop going back to it, and watching it...it makes me feel like she's physically near to me.  When I put the film on, I even say, aloud, "I'm watching this for you, Lin!"  I think that there are very many of these doorways to those on the other side, and that's what I consider the film "Signs" to be, for me. 


I have a place standing on a harbour wall looking out to sea where  i can feel him standing behind me as he did in life when we went there.
It is in a place we planned to retire too - and a long way from here.The dream of moving there died with him and i cant get there there very often, but it almost feels as though the veil is thinner there and he knows when i am there and reaches through to me. The other connection is music rather than film - there are the songs that i know will make me cry but its the others that randomly come on the radio not always sad ones either but where i can have been thinking about something that i would have asked him if he was here and the lyrics connect with what i think  he would have said - sometimes its encouragement to go ahead and do something i am not sure about Sometimes something that makes me smile when i am feeling sad - its not a particular genre we had different tastes in music a lot of the time  and sometimes it can be a song that was written  after he died and i dont listen to it and adapt it to something i want to hear - it finds me if that makes any sense.

Ian Haines

I think I understand.  A wise man once said, "Music takes us were words cannot!".