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Ian Haines:

My other post has now been waiting around 24 hours, to be approved.  Is there anybody there?

Dave Administrator:
Ian I am so sorry.

We have had no end of trouble here for the first time in over 21 years and I am really trying hard to sort it out.

In the mean time tell us about your loss and we will try and support you best we can.

Ian Haines:

The grief I feel is controllable, right now, really - if you could ever say that grief is controllable, at all.

I've been through the problems with web sites, myself, in past decades and I know how bad it can be.

It was just me being grump...ignore me when I'm like that.

I'll keep coming back, and seeing how things are, and seeing if I can help folks - that's a great/lasting way to participate.

Dave Administrator:
Ian your not a grump, bereavement knocks us all for six, it's just the worst physical pain ever.

It would seem this boards activation emails have not been sent out through a tech problem hence why its gone so quite in here.

May I suggest if you belong to Facebook we have a very successful group that may help you considerably by joining it.

The links are on the main BUK webpage .

Ian Haines:

I have a different name, over on Facebook, as I'm an online political activist - otherwise, I'd loved joining.  It's just a security thing.  Your enemies can learn a lot about you from reading posts put on Facebook, and it pays to be on your toes about that, so I'd be uninclined to post.

Thanks for the suggestion, anyway, Dave.   


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