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Crisis help.
« on: October 09, 2018, 11:09:06 AM »
We cant be here all the time and we are not professional councellors just ordinary people who have suffered a beareavement ourselves.
Sometimes throughout this grief journey you might feel you need to talk to some-one immediately.
You would not be the first person here to talk to the samaritans, and although they cover many issues not directly related to bereavement, they are more than a phone number these days  -There are over 200 regional branches in England Scotland Wales and Ireland , some of which offer face to face support, or organise specific support groups, if you have lost some-one to suicide for example. They also offer advice if you are concerned about a loved one.
Their website is a good source of  this information and you can quickly find your local branch here.

For immediate support phone :  116 123
or e-mail (UK) (ROI)