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In order to protect our members and avoid commercial enterprise intruding into what we try to make a safe haven at a time when our members are often at their most vulnerable, we have long had a rule about not allowing external links to be posted.However we have decided to create a new board with some resources that we think may be useful - whether this is information about other organisations,specific media items such as upcoming tv documentarys or radio shows, a blog, a piece of literature, music or art (including your own bereavement related creations)  this is the board for them.

However we do need to continue to consider the sensativites and feelings as well as continued safety of all our members - just as we always have in the past, so if you find something that you think may be helpful to others that could be posted here, Please contact a member of admin by private message so we can double check any external links before posting.

We will pre-check all links and try to verify,to the best of our ability, whether they are
*Appropriate too the forum,
*Not purely for commercial or other non altruistic purposes,

but please note we cannot accept resonsability for upset or strife that may be caused to individuals who visit external links from here, we will however remove any links, or issue warnings to others if you report back too us anything you think may be detrimental too any of our members.

Hello, Im not sure if this is the right place but Id like to recommend a book to members who may be interested. It is a book about grief, written by a psychologist called Julia Samuel, it is very insightful and has been a great help to me whilst dealing with some very complex grief. If this would be appropriate could you let me know the best way to share this, the book is called Grief Works. Thank you for your help xx

Thankyou Seven It is fine to write as you have, as you didn't add any links so people can have a look at the information about the book off this site and decide for themselves if they think it will help them.

for anyone else looking in i haven't read the book but i have seen an interesting tv interview with this lady where she talks about grief and being kind too yourself and it made a lot of  sense to me - she  is a qualified psychotherapist with a lot of letters after her name -and 25 years of experience. She has worked for the NHS  and is founder of a UK child bereavement charity as well - most of her NHS work was founded in child bereavement  but it isnt exclusive too that.

If you want to know more, google her name - she does have her own web site with some details about her philosophy and ideas linked in blog form  so it certainly is worth having a look at that then decide if you think it might help you before you invest in the books. 


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