Tribute To My Daring Angel Alex


The first time we met was on the 15th January 1997 .  He was with ‘Rotoract’ handing out leaflets for people to join he chased after my sister and me to hand us a leaflet.  If it was not for this leaflet I would not have met Alex. 


If it was not for my sister Karen, encouraging me to go along and even holding my hand the first time, we would not have met.  So thank you!! .  We got on really well from the first time we met, I was besotted & intrigued by him.  I could not wait for the next meeting however he somehow got my number and called me.  After this we were inseparable and within weeks he asked me to marry him, I said yes instantly without any hesitation whatsoever.  We wanted to do things properly,  So he went to see my parents and asked my parents for my hand in marriage.  They were thrilled but obviously cautious as this was very quick, for the next year we saved like mad and was together as much as we could.  When I was in hospital in London he would visit during the week and drive down and stay for the weekend at the hospital.  We were dedicated to each other.


On the 4th of April 98 he made me his wife and partner forever.  I was the proudest woman on earth.  I hope Alex from where you are you will be listening.  From the first day we met to the last breath I take I will not stop ever loving you!  I loved you from the first moment I saw you.   You were my Guardian Angel, my Best Friend, my Husband, & my everything in life, what more could any person ask for.


I am still besotted with you after all this time and could feel my heart racing when I knew you were coming through the door, or when we were talking to each other several times a day.  We always thought we could conquer anything together and nearly did. 


From the 1st day to the last day together you were my world, you made me who I am now I hope I can make you proud of me.   I will try my hardest to carry on what you stared out doing, although you are a tough act to follow. 


My darling Alex words are never enough whilst we live but come even harder and confused when we have to put into words after such a tragedy without tears flowing down my face,   I cannot believe or what to believe I will not see you my darling again.  I came to see you the other day I hope you knew I was there from where you are now.  I wanted to wake you up or at least you wake me up and tell me it was all a nightmare, but it wasn’t was it.  I hate the thought of you being so alone.


Alex was the kindest person that I have ever met, he made people feel at ease and could offend no-one, their was no pretence.  What some people did not appreciate was just how very intelligent you were.   You took people at face value; you treated others as you wanted to be treated yourself.  You never judged people and were a true gentleman and a fantastic person.  With Alex what you saw was what you got he gave over 100% all of the time and not just part of the time.


People say that we all have regrets, but his only regret was not being with us more.  He loved the holiday’s where we could be together just being a family, the one thing he was so grateful for.  You often joked about having your in-laws next door, but then would say this is what a family is all about.  No pretence just pure and simple love & respect for each other.  My biggest regret is that I should have tried harder to stop him from going on that morning. 


I was privileged and extraordinarily lucky to have known and loved a fantastic guy like you.  Yes you were scatty and forgetful and sometimes had bad taste in clothes but that my darling is what made you, you.  We had 10 fabulous years together and I loved you with my heart, head , body and soul I knew what you were thinking before you finished and you were the same with me.  You used to put a smile on my face.  I have been tremendously lucky to have loved and known you rather than never have known you at all. 


I worshipped & loved you with every part of me and we were so proud to have our son Cameron, he is so much like you in every way.  He misses you so much, and does not have the words to say this, but his actions speak a thousand words.  You loved us both more than life itself.  You also loved life and said life was too short for housework and live for now, how right you were darling.  You made me feel complete, there are no words to describe how much I miss you, apart from I only feel half alive now.   Alex if you are listening I LOVE YOU, adore you, now & forever more with all of my heart, body and soul.  I will never meet another person in the whole of my natural life who made me feel so complete & loved no-one could meet your standards, nor would I want them to you were unique, and had very high standards and values, my heart is broken in two without you and no-one my angel could fill this.  Alex you will remain with me forever more, you were my life and my everything I ever wanted, I love you darling I truly do.  My Angel please be at peace and watch over us till time brings us together again.


Please take care and continue to watch and care for us from where you are, never stop loving me and Cameron, I will ensure he will never forget what a wonderful person/daddy he had


Love you always Lisa & Cameron




xxxxxxxxx           one for each year of your life